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Low Tatras

Your types for holiday Liptov can involuate possibility to try or to learn one of following actions. Agency providing adrenaline sports is next to accommodation in our apartment. Low Tatras provides more cind of recreationins. Adrenaline sports are described belowe. Get mountain adventure. Low Tatras are reachable during all year seasons.

PRIVATE VACATION APARTMENT in Low Tatras - Slovakia adrenaline sports


Holiday Liptov offeres you possibilitie to spend healthy stay. Rafting can make you to try touch wild rivers by big inflating boat. Low Tatras offeres relatively quiet locking of it`s rivers. Near our apartment are rivers Vah and Bela. It is suitable atraction eather for singles or families with children. Rafting is running under expert control and it can manage every biginer - swimmer.
Line is 10 km long about. It starts at Kralova Lehota located in eastren Low Tatras and ends at Uhorska Ves.
Put on sports wear, water resistant footwear, swimming dress.
Price : aproximately 20,- EUR per person. Price includs material, instructor, transportation


Low Tatras provides adrenaline actions. Paragliding can suite for people who want to fill strength of flying and independence. One day course can get you into fly. After one day training with ordinary fizikal and phisical condition will teache you fly with parachute. Course is running on the hill behind village. The hill has secure 90 meters exceeding. Prticipants are connected with radiostation and instructor during the fly. Chooce holiday Liptov that provides you adrenaline adventures in mountains.
Put on sports wear and strong footwear to fill safely.
Price is 50,- Eur per person
and 40 Eur per two persons and bigger group.
Sport agency situated near our apartment offeres Pillion flies too. This cind of adrenaline sport is suitable for all who want to try fly by parachute. Tne fly have to be booked one day before action.
Put on sport wear and strong footwear.
Price is 44,- EUR per person. Material, instructor and transportation is encluded in price. Price can be dealed. It is strong challenge for Low Tatras holiday.


Difficult access caves can be visited by people with asociation of skilled instructor. The most known cave like this in Low Tatras microregion Liptov is Mosnicka cave. It belongs among middle difficult tour that fulfils expectations of people with speleology skills. Free climbing and crawling is needed in some parts. The cave is beautiful colored. Tour takes 4,5 hours about. Put on warm clothes and a pair of gloves. Price is provided on request.


High mountain tours and climbing are made with asistence of experienced mountain guides that are members of mountain security service. You can choose form more levels offer. Price depends on number of presons and terain defficulty. Climbing school is offered too. There is choice from three and five days tours.

holiday Liptov

Try adrenaline sports provided in Slovakia regions. Recreation in Tatras you choosen can have many cind of forms. If you are looking for holiday Liptov you can read some articles about this topic in this site. Recreation in Low Tatras gives you possibility to do activities in mountain nature. You can ride off road traces on mountain bike, ski, wolking tours, swim, windsurfing a.t.c. Recreation in middle Liptov is atractive for it`s natural beauties. Non access caves that are wating for your visite to discover it . You can visit it with istructor from agency situated next to apartment. This agency provides even more adrenaline sports in Slovakia. It hires bikes, skis too. Holiday Liptov is all about sports. You find here mountains, the dem Liptovska Mara, aqua parks with thermal water opened all year round, swimming pools with thermel water. We recommend you recreation in Low Tatras in our apartment to spend your beautifull holiday Liptov.

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