panoramatic view of Tatras from Liptov side

Stay Liptov - therapeutic procedures Tatras holiday therapy aviable near accommodation in apartment.

Rehabilitation services are 2 minutes away from accommodation by car in near hotel SPS Jaslovske Bohunice or at near Liptovsky Mikulas.


We offer stay Liptov in our apartment near therapeutic procedures that makes your stay more pleasent. You can utilize holiday therapy 2 km away. Have a pleasent stay with therapeutic procedures Tatras. Stay Liptov offeres many areas to chooce from. Near by you can find:
  1. snack bar
  2. restaurant
  3. therapeutic procedures
  4. tenis court
  • sauna, swimming pool, water and elektro therapies, masage, solarium and many more
  • table tennis, biliard, rent a social plays and sport equipment
rehabilitation center
Accessories Address

Telephone number

Fitness centres, saunas      
Arny Club  Palucanska 627 Liptovsky Mikulas +421 44 5541060
Fitness B Smrecianska 670 Liptovsky Mikulas +421 44 5534158
Fitness Cestár 1. maja 724  Liptovsky Mikulas +421 44 5538142
H&H Fitness Body Club Holleho 4 Liptovsky Mikulas +421 44 5564300
Indoor swimming pool Vajanskeho 20 Liptovsky Mikulas +421 44 5520306
Squash & Fit Fun Palucanska 24 Liptovsky Mikulas  +421 905 132796
Teniss courts      
Teniss courts Vajanskeho 28 Liptovsky Mikulas +421 44 5521375
    Pavcina Lehota 11 +421 44 5548118
Indoor ice field      
Indoor ice field Partizanov 14 Liptovsky Mikulas +421 44 5621449

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sanatorial stay Liptov - fresh air, walks in around trees
therapeutic procedures Tatras -the hotel near appartament offeres several special procedures
holiday therapy - to be near chooce our appartament
sanatorial stay Liptov, therapeutic procedures Tatras, holiday therapy are near accommodation